Ascension : Affirmation



Affirmation Cover

In the second book of Brian Rickman's ASCENSION series, AFFIRMATION, The Luciferian Preemptive, as it had come to be known, was a failure. The Humans were successful in collecting their Earth-bound souls, full of vitriol and hate. These souls, made in the Human image, are the sole possessors of a concept known nowhere else in the known Omniverse: death.
With the Humans now in possession of this ultimate weapon against their oppressors, other worlds and soul groups prohibiting their further ascension appear to be at risk of extinction should they oppose the Human will to become the ultimate power in the Omniverse. Meanwhile on Earth in the Third Dimension, the Grand Queen Alicia holds rights to no Queendom. In the lawless, post Ascension world, she struggles for survival among her peers, those who have also managed to opt-out of the promised Human enlightenment. Perhaps surprisingly, the world still functions for the most part but it lacks organization. With no clear leaders and supply chains breaking down, Alicia concludes to use her leadership skills and her access to a world-wide television and radio link-up to rally the remaining citizens of Earth in the spirit of cooperation.
Forging a new society based on barter and, eventually, when required, brute force, Alicia’s new Luciferian society proves successful. Working in cooperation with the Christians in Alabama and Mississippi, their influence begins to spread throughout the South. In time, the Luciferians and the Grand Queen Alicia will become among the dominant powers in Third Dimensional Earth.
Promised by Sariana that a savior would return to lead her people to another, more rightful, Ascension, Alicia and her society await further instructions. Finally, an original Luciferian Warrior Soul arrives but he is not the benefactor Alicia’s citizens had hoped for. Disgusted by these “new” souls and their seeming obsession with violence and death, he reluctantly leads them to meet the Second Order of Earth Bound souls. The Second Order of souls are the lone bearers of the “unknowing”; that which might erase death from the young souls inner logos, thus freeing them from their role only as weapons and permit them Ascension as free souls to live as one with the remainder of the Omniverse.
However, it is discovered that other, more menacing soul groups are playing a part in this Third Dimensional timeline. The Third Order of Souls comes to learn that there are numerous alliances at play, altering the timeline and preventing countless scenarios that would have led to a Luciferian revolt and thus, resulting the failure of the Luciferian Preemptive. Nevertheless, they have yet to discover the sheer magnitude of these manipulations and how it will further impact their coming role in the Omniverse. 

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